Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The End Of The Beginning ©©

At the beginning of life

Every sound was music to tender ears
Every breath a taste of being
Each scent a lure to follow
Each taste a new sensation

At the beginning of awareness

Words became sounds
Words expressing feelings
Words that gave the music meaning
Mighty words

At the beginning of deliverance

You embrace the world
The world takes you in
Throws you down then picks you up
But it loves you… why

At the beginning of awakening

It’s to late, is it
I see what I never saw
It was always there
Was I blind

At the beginning of tomorrow

Every touch had endless meanings
Every thought just melts
Each memory fades from existence
Yesterday slips away

At the beginning of the path

Is it the start to the end
The road to freedom
The way to the promised land
The place you want to be

The beginning

The beginning is the end
It’s the start we never witness
As we never see the end
Just the shit in between


1 comment:

itisi said...

"at the beginning of awakening."
"at the beginning of tomorrow."
love this...