Monday, December 15, 2014

Whisper This ©©

I’ve travelled down long winding roads
Each a different path
A different place of mind
Yet with the same ending

Watching time pass through the years
Burning desire with every breath
I’ve sold my soul to the devil
For but a moment to feel what love is

Not the words that are but an introduction to a thought
Touch only kindles desire
It’s the feeling that makes you weak at the knees
The first thing we forget when the heart grows cold

I am a nomad of hearts
A prisoner to my own
A slave to be used and abused
Until the end of time

Where do I go now
On an adventure or to the start of another ending
Is this all a bad dream that you never wake up from
Is it all in vein

The highway of life is long and lonely
For Nomads of the heart
Nomads in an endless pursuit of one thing
That feeling we can only share with someone else


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Shadow said...

'king A, this is brilliant!