Sunday, January 04, 2015

Requiem Of Solace ©©

A shiver runs through my soul as I stare off into the night
I don’t know why or what it means
Dark clouds hide the moon plunging the night into total darkness
I hear whispers but can’t hear what they are saying
They are all around me, not far
Not close

As I walk ahead they get farther yet the ones behind are closer
Turning I lean forward to listen but they fall silent
Standing there I listen to my past
My future
But I don’t know what they are saying or what they want
Or even if they are talking to me

Shadows dance to the whispers
Fading in and out of time
Long grey fingers grasp out of the darkness at the night
Desperately longing to touch something familiar
Something to bring it back from the darkness
There is nothing but emptiness left inside this void in time

The wind pushes the dark clouds away
Allowing the moon to shine down once more
There is still nothing but the shadows with no faces all around
Whispering their memories from afar wanting to be remembered
But the moon reveals a path through the shadows to follow
A way out of the darkness perhaps

Or not………..


1 comment:

Shadow said...

I love the night, the whispers you can't hear yet listen to anyway.... To find your way though the darkness, to your tomorrow.....