Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Edge Of Darkness ©©

Another early morning
Or is it a late afternoon
Another day dissolving into nothing

When you finally wake from living
You know you've been gone because...
There’s nothing left except a pain inside

You run and run
But you can’t escape from what’s part of you
What’s branded to your very soul

You jump from world to world to hide
Yet you always fall back
Fall right back to the one you are chained too

You have become a prisoner in another’s dream
A puppet on strings that tug at your heart and mind
Making you see what’s not there

A string begins to fray
Then another and another
Until they break and you are left in a heap on the floor

Are you free or is it still a dream
Is it a dream or is this what’s left
A pile of time and flesh on the ground

Another late evening
Or is it early night
Another day washed away by the darkness


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