Monday, January 19, 2015

Roads ©©

I walk down this road and every road alone
I walk in search for something I can’t have
Something I can reach but can never hold on to
Something that keeps escaping my every embrace

Down this road or from the one just travelled
Never have I strayed from my desires
Always faithful to a quest we are all born too
A love we can make our own

Through a highway of souls we collide into each other
Faces fly by as you look for the one searching for yours
Thoughts filter out the rest leaving just the two
Alone among a smouldering sea of souls still searching faces

I walk down this road to what isn’t meant to be
Searching for what I can’t have
Something I can’t keep but maybe for a little while
That’s something too



itisi said...

Walker: Why not try just being still? Real, true love will find you.

Walker said...

If you stand still the world passes you by and you only become a bystander.

Shana M said...

Life does go by fast.

I have had to make my blog private. If you would like in, send me an email at and I will send an invite!