Tuesday, May 05, 2015

In The Moonlight ©©

In the moonlight I find the answers
Answers I don’t understand
To questions that only exist in the stars
Where all dreams reside

In the moonlight I see the shadows
I watch them darting back and forth 
Some from the past while others look familiar, yet not
Not from a time gone by

In the moonlight I see what can’t be reached
The impossible to grasp and hold onto
The falling star to catch
Then to set free without a wish

In the moonlight I see inside my mind
It’s like being in a dream
Filled with everything I have seen
Things I have been holding onto                 

In the moonlight I see love
A love so pure my eyes can’t look away
Love that is so consuming
It swallows up your heart

In the moonlight I am no longer blind
I see the shadows and they are I
Images of what was and what will be
Stumbling in the darkness of time


1 comment:

Shadow said...

F*%$ing fantastic!!!!

Must be the full moon, that brings out the mystical, magical...