Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Slap Happy ©©

Day after day I hide to stay sane
Night after night I struggle not to run
One is hell
The other surrender

I fight my battles
Losing every one
Yet I get right back up
Only to be knocked back down

I wonder what is going on
But I don’t know that I care to know
I see only the fog between day and night
A curtain shading what’s real

Who am I
Who have I become
Who is that in my reflection
Who are you

Hands on my face
I feel the lines of time
Stubble scrapping callused hands
Hands that touched your tender flesh

Day always fads into night
Transforming the world into another
Is it
Which is real



Shadow said...

Igggg, the passage of time... best left ignored I say *grin*

P.S. Real is what you chose it to be

Devilish Angel said...

U r brave to fight the battles, even U lost many...