Friday, February 19, 2016

My Town ©©

Up on the hill I look down at my town
Where three rivers meet into one
From the river I look across, then behind
Standing where two cultures meet as one

At the corner of time I listen to the love and hate
See the indifference between faith, culture and conscience
Hear words of hope
View acts of kindness

On a park bench a man is curled up under a blanket of snow
A brother and sister build a snowman not far from him
Tim Hortons and the Beer Store share the same lot across the street
Where to park?

A dog climbs a mountain of snow and goes for a shit
It rolls down only to stop by my feet
Is life that simple
Or am I about to step in it

Up on the hill I look up at the sky
Chicken Little comes to mind
All I can think of is “the sky is falling”
Is it an acorn or can that fucken dog really climb that high



Shadow said...

You mean I'm not the only one who thinks I've left earth without realizing and am living in a world where nothing, nothing! makes sense anymore?

Devilish Angel said...

Its our choice to choose faith or dark...

Devilish Angel said...

Did u mention to delete ur comment abt my recent post. Thought of mailing u, but dont have ur id.

Walker said...

Devilish Angel No I I accidentally posted it on the wrong blog it was meant to be on yours and i somehow screwed in all up. Sorry I didn;t even know I had deleted it from yours I meant to remove it from here. Been so long I have forgotten how to use blogger :S

Devilish Angel said...

Thanks walker. Now I can publish your comment :)

itisi said...

I thought you left us non-facebook people for good, it's been so long! Geeeezzzz!
I was thinking last night that I've made it this far but am not sure if it is because of progress or stupidity. Or something else entirely.