Sunday, April 17, 2016

Holding Onto What's Left ©©

What do you hate?
What do you love?
Is it the same thing?
Is it different?

Do you love to hate?
Hate to love?
Does it make you happy?

Do you show your love?
Hide your hate
Or do you express you hate?
Suppress your love

Do you share with the world?
Maybe just a friend
Or do you keep it to yourself
A shadow that follows

Love and hate
Emotions not words
The only feelings that can be touched
But not controlled

The world is consumed
Driven by love
Blinded by hate
Swallowed by the abyss in our souls



Devilish Angel said...

Hate is powerful emotion than love...

itisi said...

Holding on to what is left? What exactly is left I wonder?
Is it worth holding on to?
Hate is a very powerful word and should not be used casually. I feel the same way about the word love.