Thursday, May 26, 2016

Whatever Happened ©©

What day is it today
What happened to yesterday
What happened to you
Whatever happened to me

Where did it all got wrong
Was it from the start
The middle
Or the end

Who is that in the mirror
Is it the same person
Or someone new
Where did you go

Old pictures
Memories covered in dust
Hiding forgotten faces
The same face

Whatever happened to you
Filled with fire
Burning with desire
Drowning in a maddening thirst

Did someone steal you away
Replacing your image with this one
Why did you have to go away
Leaving us with this impersonator 

Has time stolen everything
Leaving us with scattered crumbs
Fleeting seconds to be chased
But never caught


1 comment:

Devilish Angel said...

We evolve everyday...After few years we wont realise ourselves...