Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Twinkle In The Night ©©

I walk into the wilderness
The sky is dark but for the stars and the moon
Silence all around
The wind wrestles the leaves in the trees

When the night comes
The shadows fall away
With nothing to hear
There is nothing left to fear

I have climbed this mountain to touch the sky
Reaching up above to be closer
Not to a god but a freedom I can’t explain
Only understand as I feel it

Life can be great
If you’re not afraid to walk into the wilderness
We walked away from the jungle and got lost
Forgot how to survive, how to live

Step outside and chase the night
Run until you find the dawn
Then look around
See how far you’ve come

The moon smiles from up above
The stars twinkle as they always have
Climb a mountain to see what you can touch
I have


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Devilish Angel said...

Motivating poem!