Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Where Do I Belong ©©

I think I have been here before
A long time ago
I came back too see what I left behind and found
I didn't belong

Sitting on a stool in the shadows of this bar
The bouncer at the door I've seen before
He's older than I
Forgotten by time, or lost

People walk by
A woman is murdering "crazy train" on the Karaoke machine
Others cheer her on
I want too die

My glass is empty
It's time to fade away
But a shadow grabs me from behind
With a haunting voice she stops me dead in my tracks

The room was empty
But for two shadows locked in time
Her moist lips winking at me with each word
Each breath that she took her breasts took mine away

Our eyes found each other and we knew
I didn't belong here
She closed her eyes and touch my soul
Outstretched arms beckoned me into her bosom

The sky was clear
Full of stars
The air crisp as it flowed all around
When she opened her eyes I was gone


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