Saturday, June 24, 2017

Monkey Business ©©

Sitting here in the night
Watching the sky looking down on me
I feel like I have been here before
Staring the hours, days away

When I close my eyes
I hear the leaves rustling in the trees
The coons tussling in the refuse
Fighting the creatures of the night for just one bite

I cover my ears
Sheltering my senses from the deafening silence
The voices are still there locked away in my mind
Prisoners of my soul

I cover my mouth
Yet the screams grow louder
Sounding familiar
They must be mine

Sitting here in time
In a beautiful world
Painted on a dirty canvas
Covered with ugly colors


1 comment:

Shadow said...

I have spent many nights such as these, now? Now the night brings peace, solace. I am learning to control those voices.