Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Existance ©©

On the threshold of forever
I stand looking off into the distance
Neither sunset nor sunrise makes a difference
Just standing there in the big blue sipping a glass of sour milk.

How could something bitter, be so sweet?

I stand before the universe in a life I was not asked to have.
Yet here I am.
We go through life asking permission for this and that
Yet no one asked if you wanted to be.

Why was I never given the choice to exist?

Since I was able to understand fear
Everything has been a wonder
Curiosity runs though my heart
Life surges through my veins

What keeps me going?

How my heart loves the feelings
The world seems like a newer place every time
My spirit rises above the world at the thought
Towering above the world for everyone to see

Why should we fall in love?

Bathed in blood, cries fill the night
The next day and tomorrow
So many, yet just a few
Forever gone but never forgotten

Why is there death?

It’s so small and fragile
Like a mirror of the past staring back at you
A reflection of the future
An expression of love that bursts into reality

Why do we bring more here?

Pain makes my soul cry
Love makes my heart skip a beat
Life makes me sing
Time leaves me with regrets

Does death send you back to the beginning?

Every thing I do, I do because I needed too
Every person that touches me needed too touch me
Every thing that happens was meant to happen
Ever breath I take, I take because I want to taste life

If life wasn’t bitter, it wouldn’t be sweet.


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