Monday, January 21, 2008

A Word ©©

Sometimes I sit here thinking of something to say
A word, something I have heard
But nothing comes to mind as everything has gone away
Leaving me alone to my own thoughts, looking for a word

On the edge of my world, I look to a universe of souls
Lives spread out before me to see, watch and admire from afar
What my eyes have seen my heart can’t tell or fill in the gaps or holes
Hope lies in a far off sky, to an unknown star

I watched a hundred souls risk life and limb to save one
Thousands gathered to rejoice together
Hundreds of thousands cried for a son
Millions have fought to die forever

Sometimes I sit here thinking if there is anything I can say
A word, something never heard
Everything comes to mind and I wish it would go away
Left alone to my own thoughts, I know the word

Do You?


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