Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hallways ©©

Down quiet halls I walk in silence
Listening for echoes at every corner
Of people who used to walk these halls with me
Their happy voices now long gone

I stop at doorways to look in
Searching for familiar faces
In places I had once been
Classrooms of my past with door wide open but empty

In the beginning it was new
Everything was a wonder
Silence now fills the air
No more faces or their laughter

The halls were filled with happy faces
Years of tears have washed them clean now
Cleansing the walls of all the prints left behind
All the memories of time

Silence echoes down these hallways now
No one is left in these empty spaces
As the sound of my hollow footsteps echo down empty halls
Only my memories remain until school is let out and I graduate with the rest.


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