Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Drop From Above ©©

Looking up at the sky
I see the drops falling towards me
Clear as crystal they come down
Reflecting everything they see, even me

They shatter all over my body
Baptizing me with the blessings of the earth
I am a child born of nature
The same mother I help rape every day

These same drops become the tears I shed
I hear the cries all around me
Not cries of pain but if sorrow
Yet my knife still buries itself deep into her breast for her milk

Dust rises into the air each time I pull my blade
Precious life bleeds up to the sky
It gathers there into dark dirty clouds above me
Casting a shadow over me before they return in black tears

They wash over me with a curse
Their kiss is bitter
The bite is sharp, leaving a mark to remember
A cancer I have helped create

My oasis is becoming a desert
A place where tears of joy will never rain again
Where life won’t flourish, just death
A place I helped make with my dirty hands

A Place Called Purgatory


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