Monday, July 07, 2008

Child Of The Shadows ©©

Down a cold dark path she follows
It’s an empty road she travels
A road chosen
Not one forced down

It’s a path she was born too
An endless road
Her heritage
A never-ending curse

Her innocence stolen
Faith never existed
Compassion was a balled up fist
Love was the slap of an open hand

Her lover had many faces
Bedded in many places
Dark alleys and even darker spaces
Home sweet home

She never learn how to feel pain or love
Pain was her pleasure
Her only comfort
The only reality she knew

In shadows courted by death
A second heartbeat was born
A life form torn from this cold dark wretch
Bringing warmth to her existence, even but for a moment

In that brief moment a bell rang through the night air
A light feel across the night
As a door opened to sweep it away
Welcoming a new light

A faint cry reached out to the shadows
Then disappeared as the door close
Lost forever to the dark
As night filled the world once more

Cold and soulless she wanders down dark paths once more
Her hand touches her face
Her tears had dried to dust
As had the curse of time


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