Monday, March 16, 2009

Late Night ©©

It’s late at night and I’m alone
With only the whisper of the wind singing to me softly

It’s nights like this I remember how you felt
How your eyes looked when they looked back at me
Your soft hand as it touched mine
The taste of your lips when they found mine

It’s in the night when I’m alone
I feel how cold it could be

The soft glow of the fire reflecting off of your face
How warm you were in my arms in the dark
Your breath caressing my neck
The scent of your perfume

It’s in the recesses of my loneliness
I know what is missing

Souls are born in halves
Left to search for the other half
To seek what makes it whole
To become the shining star in the night sky

It’s late at night I know what love is
To feel what’s missing

A void, a dark hole
To swallow up what feelings there are left
Even the moon has the stars
While I have the night to watch alone

It’s late at night when I’m alone
That I know who I am

I know who I am
Why I am
I know what many don’t know
I know who you are, when you’re me



Brosreview said...

Another beautiful one Walker!!!

"Souls are born in halves
Left to search for the other half"

Fantastic lines!!!

Scarlet said...

The night always sees.