Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Year ©©

There is a day when it all begins
When your world becomes too small
A day when another world explodes into view
Spilling you from one womb and into another

When everything comes to life for the first time
In a new world that includes me
And you
A new existence from the last

The seconds passed, pass with every breath
Minutes turn to days
Hours into months and seconds
To years

The world that was once huge
Is now so small
Or have I gotten so big again
It’s closing in around me

Will I yet again burst from this womb
To land into another
Or is this the last vessel
The last space ship to the stars

Each cycle the days get shorter
The months evaporate into years
That which you used to look at
Was a reflection of the future

Every dieing second is a living minute
Each hour a purpose to continue
Until this day comes my way
So I can sit for a piece of cake as I live my way


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itisi said...

Happy Birthday!!