Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Chase ©©

The clouds chase the sun across the sky
I run as fast as I can to keep ahead
Trying to make this day stay longer with every stride
Every leap and gasp of breath

A wind comes to push the clouds faster
Chasing the sun above my head
It’s long rays reach down
Beckoning for my hand

Stumbling to my knees
The sun moves farther away
Farther from my reach
The clouds still close behind

I feel the change coming as I run to my feet
Racing across the barren sky
Chasing the sun into tomorrow
Before this day ends forever

The clouds lick at my heels
Weighing themselves on my body
Slowing me down until there is nothing
But the puddle I lay in

The sun is all but gone
Only its dieing flame lingers in the distance
A beacon to follow when the rain stops
And the clouds are gone



Brosreview said...

In this world, everyone is chasing something or the other, and being chased by someone. A good one!

Walker said...

Heff : Yes I do