Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lost Change ©©

Leaning against the corner of a crumbling pyramid
I watched her as she walks by
Unseen to her or anyone else
I watched as she stumbles back and forth on weary legs

Pausing to lean against a post for a second
Before continuing the cadence she has chosen to live by
To walk down the street selling her soul
For a dime or a crumb to poison her mind

I watch the cars pass by
Some slow down, then speed up
She’s old at twenty-four
No one wants her anymore

Hours she paced from corner to corner
Until the sun disappeared
Midnight she strolled down the street
Where a black car stopped and she was gone

Following the moon and the stars
They lead me to sin and sacrifice
Through the night and dark shadows
Spotlighting everything along their path

Unveiling what’s hidden by the darkness
The homeless
The mad and lost, sane and insane
The black car parked on the corner

The North Star paints a path to follow
With the moon guiding my shadow along that way
The filth muffles my shoes
Only screaming tires pierce the night

A worn down shoe lies by a door
A door left ajar
Open for my shadow to spill in
To be swallowed by the darkness inside

The moon peeked in from the farthest corner
Beckoning my shadow to follow
To the end of time
To where the other shoe lay

I watch the smoke rise among the shadows
While the embers light up the night
I watch and wait, wait for the black car to return
For the reaper to come and collect the spare change on the street



Kay said...

creep-me-out...eerie. wonderful.

Brosreview said...

Nice one!

Kathryn Magendie said...

"No one wants her anymore" - this really got me.