Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Pack Of Memories ©©

I light a smoke
Then throw the match away
Like everything else that I have tossed
Left on the side of the road to smolder

Walking by as the thin line disappears
Blown away and forgotten with each step
As is most of everything in history
Dead and gone from the eyes to see, but not the mind

The bourbon burns it’s way as it passes
Yet the tongue still tastes bitter
The throat constricts
Choking on what was

Today, I want to remember
What I can’t see anymore
I want to choke on the truth
To suffocate within the past

Inside the delirium
I find what I don’t have
A breath I had once expelled
Oxygen that once gave life

In dreams lived
Nightmares had
Through the blood and pain
That never existed yet is the only reality

With each drag
More ashes are born to sweep away
More dust to cover the past
To hide the unforgettable

Smoke after smoke
Smoldering matches thrown aside
Searching for something to see
Something hidden away

With one last breath
One deep drag to blow out one final curtain
For the eyes to project the past to see
Until it’s time to light another smoke



Gerry Boyd said...

So true. I think I'll have another too.

Brosreview said...

Yes, this is very very true! Well done!