Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Walk ©©

I walk across a dark valley
Passing shadows born of yesterday
Shadows begging for a speck of light
Begging for another tomorrow

Cold fingers grasp at my soul
Attracted by it’s still burning light
Craving what they squandered
Or what was stolen from them

I walk into the unknown
With both eyes closed
Looking for the unseen
The forgotten shadows of the past

Kicking up dried tears with every step
To breath in the pain of the ages
Coughing up a storm
To puke out the guilt of time

I walk into the night
Fearless and stupid to tomorrow
Away from yesterdays
With their memories and lost dreams

In the beginning with the huge heart of a child
Tomorrow was endless
Now with the small heart of an old man
Yesterday was a burden

I walk through the waste of my mind
Through the dark shadows of my sins
Beseeched by time and a conscience
Swallowing the shadows to give them life for one more moment

In the darkness it’s all clear and alive
To once more live among the dead of time
To suffer life in the cellar of my soul
While the shadows wander in limbo

I walk
I walk and walk
I walk into tomorrow
Carrying the shadows of time in the back of my mind



Brosreview said...

I am imagining the Johny Walker label here! Keep walking!

Shadow said...

what a walk!