Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who You Are ©©

Staggering helpless into tomorrow
You see nothing
Hear words yet to be spoken
You only feel what you need to feel
Want, what you want
Not just what they say must be

Something in the void calls your name
Summoning you to seek what you don’t have
What you crave
To far away to reach
Yet right there before you to want

What do you have to do
To touch what you want to touch
The way you touch your thoughts
When you sit alone looking into the night
To speak words you never heard
Only in silent dreams

Stumbling through life
Lost in the abyss we created
Imprisoning who we are
Hiding the truth from ourselves
Forgetting to reach for what we want
Until it’s to far

It’s the spark in the darkness
That is the reason to dream
To reach for what is there
The desires we hid away
The thoughts we cherish
Who you are


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itisi said...

This touches my soul...