Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Broken Etch A Sketch ©©

Miles and miles are the questions long
The answers but whispers in the shadows
Long are the nights as days drag on forever
Time is short yet eternal

There is no turning back as there is no way ahead
Today is always at the crossroads
Tripping over yesterday to get to tomorrow
And the secrets they hold

Thoughts crash into memories
Tearing at the fabric of time
Shattering dreams
Making room for something new

My finger pushes through the sands of time
Blood dripping from its tip
Marking memories for the wind to come
To scatter them miles and miles away

Is life an “etch a sketch”
Is it that simple
Can I just hold it up over my head and…
Shake it to start anew



Shadow said...

i just cannot accept that, but i question it every day. there must be more, but what? what is it, where is it, answer me, dammit!

Devilish Angel said...

We cant take the memories out of our head and start new...If we can start new, then its just wonderful...