Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Far ©©

Far from where I am
Far from who I was
Far from where I had to be

Wandering from land to land
From bed to bed
From one heart to another
Another stain you can’t wash away

Far from the shadows that be
Far from what I believe
Far from here

Ghosts wander these strange lands
Faceless figures with hollow souls
Grasping the air for something to fill the emptiness

Far out of touch
Far from reality
Far from the pain

Falling away from the light
Falling far into the night
Falling far out of reach
Falling into an endless abyss



Devilish Angel said...

We change and go far away...

Shadow said...

Ugh! The world out there is leading us into the darkness, the emptiness. Only in our own silence and in solitude can we truly find peace and happiness.